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    Introduction to the course




    The Advanced Fashion Design program is one of 11 programs initiated by Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and Mr George Lee Chairman of the DeTao group www.detaoma.com


    We believe that the collaboration is unique in Chinese (and world) creative higher education. Mr Lee invited 10 international Masters in their fields to open Advanced Undergraduate Programs in between 2013 and 2015. Each Master has designed their own unique curriculum and nurtured their students according to their own extensive experience with the common theme of‘learning by doing’.


    Jane and Patrick Gottelier have over 27 year's experience designing for and running their own Fashion House from London selling to the best boutiques and department stores internationally with one brand currently manufactured and distributed under licence in Japan.


    In 2004 Jane and Patrick researched, wrote, established and ran the B.A. (Hons) Fashion & B.A. (Hons) Performance Sportswear Undergraduate Programs for Falmouth University in the UK. They later added Fashion film & Photography and Fashion Marketing, establishing Falmouth Fashion firmly as a leading UK Undergraduate Fashion program.


    In 2014, the Gotteliers were delighted to accept an invitation from the DeTao Masters Academy to establish the Advanced Fashion Design Program in Shanghai.


    Months of planning went into creating a unique program which drew on the Gotteliers own industrial and academic experience as well as on the experience of their extensive network of world leading Fashion institutions.


    The program is unique and a ‘first’ in many respects.


    · First in China to have been written specifically to take full advantage of being located in the heart of the world fashion manufacturing nation.


    · First in China to written and delivered by ‘Masters’ with a unique combination of successful Industrial and educational track records.

  • Professors Jane and Patrick Gottelier

    Prof. Jane Gottelier  

    Detao Master of Fashion and Knitwear Design


    Jane Gottelier has over four decades of creative and commercial success within the fashion, design and education industries.

    Equipped with a B.A and M.A from Central St. Martins Fashion and Textile Design departments, Jane started her career at the BBC’s costume department. She quickly moved on to co-found fashion knitwear brand ‘Artwork’ with her partner Patrick Gottelier. Together they grew Artwork into a highly successful luxury knitwear brand, where they challenged industry norms and innovated traditional production processes. As fashion industry leaders Jane and Patrick have worked as consultants with notable brands, such as Marks and Spencer U.K., Shanghai Tang, H.K. and The Limited, U.S.

    In 2006 Jane shifted gears to education where she conceptualised, developed and wrote the B.A. (Hons) Fashion & B.A. (Hons) Performance Sportswear courses with Patrick Gottelier for Falmouth University in Cornwall. Both courses were completely new courses for Falmouth and have been a huge success for the university.

    In addition, Jane has also been an external member of the revalidation board for the renowned Fashion programs at Central St. Martins and is currently an external examiner at London College of Fashion and the University of the Arts London.





    Prof. Patrick Gottelier  

    Detao Master of Apparel and Product Design


    Patrick Gottelier graduated in Industrial Design (Eng) at Central St. Martins and honed his skills in Industrial Management at Marks & Spencer PLC, where he ran anthropometric surveys, designed fitting stands and sizing systems. After two years at M&S Patrick then explored a variety of career options including interior design, accessory design, television set design and finally knitwear. On 7/7/77 Patrick and Jane Gottelier registered a knitwear label ‘Artwork’, that lead to a 27 year adventure in the Fashion Industry. Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s Patrick guided Artwork to be the one of the biggest UK designer knitwear brands with global sales to the most prestigious and directional international fashion retailers.

    In 2006, with three decades of commercial experience Patrick and Jane headed south to Cornwall to launch the now highly successful and acclaimed BA (Hons) Fashion Design and BA (Hons) Performance Sportswear Design Courses at Falmouth University. By 2009 Patrick was appointed Director of the School of Design at a time of very significant change at Falmouth, where he contributed to portfolio review, rationalising and clarifying the universities offer.

    Patrick went on to lead the Design, and later Art, as the Interim Dean of the School of Art and Design through continued challenging reorganisation, while delivering consistent growth and quality. As Head of the Department he achieved sustained growth through the introduction of innovative and highly successful new courses such as Fashion Photography and Fashion Marketing.

  • Meet the Team

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.


    Prof. Jane Gottelier  

    Detao Master of Fashion and Knitwear Design

    Prof. Patrick Gottelier

     Detao Master of Apparel and Product Design


    De Freitas

    Womenswear Designer

    4th year tutor

    Xinqi Yi  

    Course Coordinator

    Womenswear Designer

    3rd year tutor

    Kristian Steinberg

    Menswear Designer

    1st year tutor


    Angelou Zhu

    Womenswear Designer

    2nd year tutor


    Sachiko Okada 

    Womenswear Designer

    4th year tutor

    Wang Fei  

    Knitwear Specialist

    Xie Xiaoyong  

    Sewing specialist


    Pattern cutter

    Liu Yuting  

    Teaching Assistant

    Prof. Yuan Ze  

    Eastern Fashion History

    Dr. Kate Strasdin

    Western Fashion History

    Dr. Wang Yuan

    Eastern Fashion History


    Jiao Haihong (Laura)


  • Guest Lecturers

    Every year we invite designers from all over the world, to come to Studio Gottelier and teach our students.




    Visiting Professor

    Former Director of Fashion at Central Saint Martins in London.



    Mens and Womenswear Designer



    Menswear Designer




    Master pattern cutter and designer



    Menswear designer



    Alve and Mao, Men and Womenswear Designers


    Emilie Grubert

    Womenswear Designer, artist and Illustrator

  • Willie Walters M.B.E

    Visiting Professor


    Willie Walters M.B.E


    Willie Walters has had an illustrious career in fashion which spans her early career as designer/owner of the London based fashion label Swanky Modes made famous during the 70s and 80s London Club scene boom. In 1998 she was appointed Director of Fashion and was the creative force behind the legendary fashion courses at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London. Willie was responsible for a total of seven B.A. Fashion Pathways. Womenswear, Menswear. Fashion Print. Fashion Design with Marketing, Fashion Knit, Fashion Communication and Fashion History & Theory.


    C.S.M. has been voted the Number One Fashion School in the World for 2017, and has been responsible for producing World Class Fashion Alumni such as Alexander McQueen, Angel Chen, Antonio Berardi, Blaak, John Galliano. Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh, Hussien Chalayan, Huishan Zhang, Mary Katranzou, Marios Schwab, Masha Ma, Peter Jensen, Pheobe Philo – Celine. Ricardo Tisci-Givenchy, Richard Nicoll, Shao-Yen Chen, Stella McCartny, Zac Polsen, to name a few.


    In 2017 Willie Walters received an M.B.E. from the Queen in recognition of her services to Fashion Education in the U.K.


    We are proud and happy to have her as visiting professor at the Studio Gottelier.