• Advanced Fashion Promotion

    WIDS• DeTao Studio Gottelier—B.A.Advanced Fashion Promotion Program (AFP) is a new concept for China and essential to the sustained development of the unique industry in China. It draws on best practictice internationally. The fashion industry is recognised for its 'star designer' but less well understood is the absolute need for a multi-disciplinary team driving a designer or brands success.


    With the rapid changes and development of China's fashion industry, the world is looking closely at China. Our graduate Chinese fashion Promoters will now have the skills and opportunity to promote China's talent to the world and world talent to China.


    Our graduates will have multiple skills, including critical writing, persuasive graphics design, photography, film making, marketing, public relations, styling event management as well as the ability to fully understand fashion business (traditional as well as innovative) business models to create and drive global fashion brands.

    What We Do

    Our focus points are:

    Fashion Branding and Marketing


    1st year, 2th year, 3rd year

    Students are discovering the principles and concepts of business, branding and marketing disciplines in the fashion industry.

    Fashion Image Making


    1st year, 2th year, 3rd year

    Students are becoming familiar with fashion photography. They experiment and express their fashion point of view through the camera.



    Fashion Movie Making


    1st year, 2th year, 3rd year

    Fashion film is a highly expressive and emotive medium, allowing clothes to be seen in their moving state. Top fashion filmmakers convey a specific concept or sense of emotion within their work, showcasing the unique style and features of the garments.

    Fashion Styling


    1st year

    This practice-based module encourages students to explore their own creative vision through investigating conceptual and creative processes essential to fashion styling.

    Principles of Fashion Design


    1st year, 2th year

    These topics introduces the relative concepts of costume design from the aesthetic principles to the methodology of the design process. Students have to understand the basic knowledge of costume design and how is the process development.

    Fashion History & Contextual Study

    1st year, 2th year

    Students are be taught about comparative fashion history in east and west from antiquity until now.



    3rd year

    During the first part of the third year, students prepare their portfolio to meet professional standards to be able to find an internship the following term. The portfolio development includes presentation skills and improvement of job-seeking techniques for fashion-industry employment.


    3rd year


    The second semester of our 3rd year, is for all the students to go on internship in different companies in the fashion industry. This is a great opportunity to put theory and skill into practice.

    Final Project


    4th year

    Student has to write a thesis according a selected topic. The essay is an academic research that aim students to be able to support a practical work.

  • Our Facilities


    Multimedia Classroom

    Professional Photo shooting studio

    Professional dressing room